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I’m Ellie. I am a multimedia artist and vegetable farmer inhabiting a mossy sea-side corner of the Pacific Northwest. 

My ceramic work is inspired by the way functional pottery inspires ritual; shared or private. Well made, beautiful objects have the power to draw the user’s attention to the remarkable richness of our everyday lives.  

In my jewelry work, I collect and transform one of a kind materials into unique and wearable jewelry. Each featured material has a story, and is often repurposed or recycled.  I enjoy pairing rustic or unusual materials with semi-precious stones, glass, brass and silver make unique  pieces of jewelry designed to be worn without fuss.

I aim to honor the material resources used to create my work by offering each handmade object care and attention to detail– from material sourcing to design, to the final intended purpose of each item; to remind us to slow down and notice the abundant and sensual nature of our lived experience. 


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