Regardless of the medium, the work I do is an interaction with the material I am using.

In my jewelry work, I collect and transform one of a kind materials into unique and wearable jewelry. Each featured material has a story, and is often repurposed or recycled. 

 Some of my materials include coins or carpenter’s staples I placed on the rail road to be flattened, feathers gleaned from window-kill birds, hammered and bent pieces of copper printmaking plates, shot gun shells, porcupine quills, and the hide of the first buck a 75 year old man had shot when he was 17. 

I’ve given time and intention to acquiring materials and creating designs in the last 10 years of jewelry making, since I first started selling at a craft market when I was 15. Since I have come to be recognized as a jewelry maker, many of my materials have been gifts, of which I am always grateful. 

Pairing rustic or unusual materials with semi-precious stones, glass, brass and silver make alluring, feminine pieces of jewelry designed to be worn without fuss. 


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